Yoga does not demand flexibility and strength, it grants it.

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Applied anatomy for Yoga practitioners

With a better understanding of your body comes a new perspective of your asana practice. No one else can feel and hence adjust yourself better in a yoga-pose than you! Learn how muscles, bones and fascia restrict/enhance movement and shift your practice to a whole new level. David presents anatomy in an easy and fun way - always related to the yoga practice and loaded with practical exercises so you can feel and experience it for your self.

Anatomical Ideas

- Introduction to the overall dynamics and systems of the body: fascial network, muscular principles and functions, skeletal system and how it all applies to yoga.


Exploring the Leg

- The foot/ankle relationship to posture.

- The knee, one of the most complicated joints and why it’s so prone to injury.

- The hips as a powerful mover of the legs, a platform for the torso and why they’re so tight!

Psoas & Spine

- The pelvis as the foundation for seated postures

- The spine: understand how and why it functions and dysfunctions the way it does!

- The psoas-muscle: the single most important postural and structural muscle in our body.

Breath & Arms

- Breathing is a primary act of life. It links everything together in the practice and is our gateway to the subtle components of the practice!

-       How do arms and the complex shoulders affect our practice?       

David Keil is an experienced Ashtanga yoga teacher with deep knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and bodywork. He has developed a fun and informal style of teaching yoga-anatomy to students and teachers all over the world. David shares techniques of practice that will help you to the next level. He was a long time direct student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and an authorized teacher of this system. He is also a student and co-teacher with John Scott, a certified teacher of Ashtanga yoga in New Zealand. For More information about David and the workshop visit his website at 


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